Johannesburg - Work is progressing at Eskom's Medupi power station construction site, the parastatal said on Friday.

“Work is progressing well on unit six, the first unit of the power station that is scheduled to be synchronised at the end of the year,” Eskom said in a statement.

Progress included undertaking chemical cleaning of the boiler.

“Chemical cleaning is required to ensure that residual contamination and excess depositions do not contaminate product or cause severe damage to rotating machinery or valves.”

The chemical cleaning comprised a number of successive steps, including high-speed flushing to remove loose debris, Eskom said.

“This is one of the steps in preparing the boiler for the chemical clean medium injection.

“The complete chemical clean pipe system was leak-tested and pressure-tested.”

The first synchronisation of Medupi unit six would be in December. - Sapa