Cape Town - 121022 - South African power utility Eskom has applied to more than double the price of its electricity over the next five years. The state-owned utility said it has applied for a 16 percent annual increase for five years from April 2013 to March 2018. Many South Africans are struggling with the current cost of electricity. Pictured is teacher Michael Guzana with his son Hluma Guzana. Reporter: Yolisa Tswana PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Johannesburg - Eskom's declared power emergency state was lifted shortly before 9pm on Friday, a spokesman said.

“We have come through this evening without power system constraints,” spokesman Andrew Etzinger said.

It had not been necessary for Eskom's large industrial customers to reduce their consumption by 10 percent, nor was it necessary to implement load shedding.

Etzinger said this was largely due to the public's response to the power utility's appeal for reducing electricity usage and he thanked consumers for their co-operation.

Earlier, Eskom declared a power emergency between 4pm and 9pm, as the power system was severely constrained.

Eskom published load-shedding schedules for its direct customers on its website as a precautionary measure.

Etzinger said Eskom technicians were working to restore generating units which were primarily out of service due to mechanical failures.

On Thursday afternoon, Eskom urged major industrial customers to reduce electricity consumption by at least 10 percent.