New York, United States - Paul Konigsberg (L), the former accountant and a former senior tax partner at Konigsberg Wolf in New York, leaves the Manhattan federal courthouse after making bail, with his lawyer Reed Brodsky, in New York, September 26, 2013. Konigsberg, 77, was arrested on Thursday and charged with two conspiracy counts and three counts of falsifying records and statements. The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed related civil charges.

New York - Bernard Madoff's former accountant pleaded guilty on Tuesday to helping the convicted swindler perpetrate his massive Ponzi scheme.

Paul Konigsberg, a former senior tax partner at Konigsberg Wolf & Co, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and two counts of falsifying the records of a broker-dealer before US District Judge Laura Taylor Swain in New York.

The defendant, 78, became the 15th person to be convicted or plead guilty in connection with Madoff's fraud, which was uncovered in December 2008. - Reuters