Solidarity would oppose parts of mining company Exxaro Resources’s restructuring plan, the trade union said yesterday. “Although the proposed restructuring plan will better align the company and its services, Solidarity is of the opinion that certain parts of the plan are not in the employees’ best interests,” spokesman Louis Pretorius said. However, Exxaro said its intention was to implement a fair and equitable process. Spokesman Hilton Atkinson said the company had been consulting organised labour regarding the restructuring plan. “Proposals on how to deal with employees who may be affected by such a restructuring were given to organised labour for their input,” Atkinson said, noting that further engagement would take place to address the concerns of staff and organised labour. Pretorius said Exxaro’s restructuring plan would affect about 1 980 employees. The plan involved, among other things, that employees refusing to accept its conditions would be charged with misconduct and dismissed. It also stated that employees could be moved to a lower salary category six months after the plan was implemented and that employees could be transferred from one business unit to another. Employees would be evaluated based on their disciplinary record and relevant knowledge and skills, to determine if they were suitable for transfer to another business unit. – Sapa