FNB has announced that its partnership with the ENTERTAINER has been renewed for another year. Photo: File

DURBAN - FNB has announced that its partnership with the ENTERTAINER has been renewed for another year.

This will give customers access to two-for-one discounted offers at various restaurants, beauty salons, health & fitness facilities and hotels for the duration of 2020.

The ENTERTAINER app users usually pay an annual fee to access discounted offers across South Africa’s major cities - Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. FNB and RMB Private Bank customers will once again reap these benefits at no cost, saving them a total of R1 580 between 2 January and 30 December 2020. 

This proposition is also available to FNB Business customers who have access to Online Banking for Business.

Johan Moolman, Chief Executive of eBucks Rewards said, "More than 250 000 customers have registered for this value-added service. It only makes sense that we renew the partnership to provide even more customers with meaningful value which helps them with money management beyond their day-to-day banking needs. This is another way our customers can stretch their wallets during these tough economic times". 

The ENTERTAINER recently launched its 2020 offering which includes new merchants across major cities in South Africa.

"We are adding more than 480 new merchants on the app in 2020, and we are very excited that that FNB and RMB Private Bank customers will get to experience these great deals for another year. We would like to encourage customers who haven’t signed up to join the thousands who save their hard-earned cash and enjoy good entertainment at discounted prices," said Jaegar Torrente, Head of Corporate Partnerships for the ENTERTAINER in South Africa.

FNB said that customers who have registered for the service in 2019 will be automatically renewed from 2 January until 30 December 2020. New customers will need to follow these steps to register:

1. Log in to the FNB/RMB Private Bank App on their smartphone

2. Select the ENTERTAINER app icon under eBucks Rewards and follow the prompts to register.

You need to be an eBucks Rewards member and have the latest version of the FNB app to access and the start using the app.

Customers will then receive a welcome email from the ENTERTAINER along with login details within 24 hours.The ENTERTAINER app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple app store

For a customer to view their free subscription once they have successfully logged in they must follow these steps:

1. Select My profile

2. Select Preference

3. Select My Products under My History