Food Lover's Market founders brothers Brian, left, and Michael Coppin. Picture: Supplied/Food Lover's Market

JOHANNESBURG – The Food Lover's Market store in Diepkloof, Soweto – where a rat was filmed inside a fridge – on Wednesday, announced that its store would re-open after it passed inspection with the environmental and health services department.

The store had been closed for two weeks after the Johannesburg environmental health department said they needed to be satisfied that it met the required standards of cleanliness. 

"We were initially going to do a thorough deep clean but, in conjunction with our franchisee, elected to rather bring forward a scheduled revamp of the store. This would not only address the health and safety issues but also substantially improve the customer experience, bringing it on par with the best stores in our group," the Food Lover's Market Group's legal director Nigel Meintjes said.

"Our teams worked tirelessly to ensure that this was completed as soon as possible and we are excited to announce that, having passed inspection with the Environmental and Health Services Department for the City of Joburg."

Meintjes said this coincides with their annual Summer Carnival and will allow their customers to enjoy all the fantastic offers available. 

The store will open on Thursday.

African News Agency (ANA)