Former Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona
JOHANNESBURG - Former Eskom CEO, Tshediso Matona, has stated that he could have put an end to one of the country's major electricity issues, load shedding.

Matona, while in Parliament, yesterday, said that  he felt that Eskom had suspended him because he did not fit into the board's plans for the future of the national energy supplier, Eskom.

Matona left Eskom after receiving a payout but he said that he would have managed to turn around the national energy supplier's turmoil if he was given a chance and more time.

“We were making steady gains. By the time I left, we had commissioned the first unit of Medupi,” Matona said. 

“The board did not see me fitting into whatever its plans were. Typically when a new minister joins a department, I would ask if they saw me as part of the future. I recall an episode like that. I concluded that Eskom board did not see me as part of their plans in the future," Matona further added.