Samsung recently announced their new 8K TVs.  Image:
Samsung recently announced their new 8K TVs. Image:
JOHANNESBURG – While South Africa is still getting to grips with the crystal clear picture quality that UHD 4K television sets are bringing to living rooms across the country, Samsung Electronics is about to raise the game after announcing their upcoming range of 8K TVs at the IFA 2018 conference. 

Available in a choice of 65, 75, 82 and 85-inch models, the new TV combines the market’s highest resolution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that optimises content for 8K presentation – producing truly lifelike images and sound, and enabling users to enjoy much more immersive viewing experiences.

"Large-screen TVs (measuring 65 inches or wider) are becoming more and more common, with over 11 million sold just last year and, according to leading market research firm IHS Markit*, about 16 million expected to be sold this year. The market for ultra-large screen TVs (measuring 75 inches or wider) is also predicted to almost double by the year 2020," Samsung said in a statement. 

An 8K TV features a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, which means roughly 8,000 pixels are packed into each horizontal line of the screen. At this level of pixel density, the individual pixels composing an image become imperceptible to the human eye—even when viewed up close. Samsung’s QLED 8K features over 30 million pixels in total, which adds depth and detail to content displayed on the TV’s expansive screen, and makes objects appear that much more realistic.