Picture: Magda Wierzycka. (Twitter).

CAPE TOWN - Chief Executive of Asset Management company Sygnia, Magda Wierzycka has defended the reward she is offering for information on the Guptas and their affiliates, reports Eye Witness News. 

Despite police averting people from offering rewards in exchange for information, Wierzycka says that civil society must be involved. 

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Speaking to Cape Talk, Wierzycka said she is offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrests of the Guptas. 

She said that this is an incentive for those in the know to come forward and do the right thing. 

She said that this is merely a reward and says that the raid of their Saxton compound was executed poorly in which all the major people escaped the net and minor fish were captured. 

She added that the change that has happened in SA is because of the involvement of the media, the judiciary and civil society. 

Wierzycka said that we cannot trust politicians which is why civil society must hold politicians into account. 

Meanwhile, Wierzycka who was born in Poland helped grow her company from R2 billion to over R150 billion. Her company also has R14 billion in unit trusts.

Wierzycka, has offered to match the offer from the Forensics for Justice, offering R500 000 for any information that will lead to an arrest as well the following:

1. R200 000 to the first bodyguard currently with Ajay Gupta who will provide Crime Stop to give information on his location. 

2. R200 000 to the first of the four accused to turn state witness.

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