The Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments said on Wednesday it is selling its mining unit Tegeta to Swiss-based Charles King SA.

Durban - SARS documents that were discovered in the pile of leaked Gupta emails show that the three brothers declared a taxable income of R1 million.

An investigative report by Scorpio and amaBhungane shows that the Guptas declared taxes that fall in the region of about R1 million for 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The investigation showed that Rajesh Gupta declared R965 000 - of which R315,670 went to - in PAYE 2011. In 2012 Ajay Gupta declared R935 000 - of which R299 196 went to PAYE - and in 2013 Atul Gupta declared R1087 616, and paid R376 186 to PAYE.

The leaked Gupta emails also purportedly showed that the cost of their niece Vega’s R30 million Sun City wedding was classed as a business expense through a Gupta company, Linkway Trade.

The Gupta emails which were leaked earlier this year illustrated the influence the family appears to have over cabinet ministers, companies, their CEO’s and boards.

The emails also revealed the close relationship between the Gupta’s and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane.

According to amaBhungane, the leaked emails show that that the Free State provincial government paid a large portion of the cost of the wedding.

Moses Kgosana, who was chief executive of KPMG Africa at the time, made the following comment about the lavish wedding: “My wife and I were privileged to attend and enjoyed every moment and every occasion.” 

“I have never been to an event like that and probably will not because it was an event of the millennium.”

KPMG were the auditors for the Gupta-owned Linkway Trading (Pty) Ltd company.

A tax expert that spoke to Scorpio said that they little amounts of money declared as taxable income was impossible to match the Gupta lifestyle that is seen in the media. The expert also said that personal expenses were not allowed to be put through companies.

The Guptas own properties in Saxonworld and Dubai are worth R16 million and R331 million respectively. The family also own a private jet, that was used to fly guest to South Africa for the wedding.

In 2016 Atul Gupta was named the seventh wealthiest person in South Africa, with an estimated personal wealth of R10 billion, according to Business Live.