WhatsApp Business has the opportunity to connect with current and potential customers exactly where they already are. Photo: Pixabay

DURBAN – WhatsApp Business has the opportunity to connect with current and potential customers exactly where they already are while also being accessible to customers with the most basic technological knowledge.

Through WhatsApp Business, companies can send shipping alerts, order notifications, product demonstration videos, verification codes, and appointment reminders, as well as enable sales and support teams to answer product or customer service questions. 

Hello Paisa, an international money transfer services company, is upping the ante on conversational commerce by enabling consumers to use WhatsApp as a simple means to send money and transact. 

Hello Paisa has created a seamless WhatsApp experience that ensures that consumers can make use of remittance services as conveniently as texting a friend. Using WhatsApp also makes remittance even cheaper for customers, as WhatsApp data bundles often work out cheaper than normal data bundles.

According to Moosa Manjra, the chief executive of Hello Paisa, this is the company’s latest demonstration of how they keep their customers at the centre of what they do. 

Manjra said: "Our customers already use WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries, and we thought, why not make it easier to send money to these relatives while saving them money, too? Through WhatsApp, consumers will be able to create a transaction, request a call-me-back or speak to an agent, in order to make their banking experience seamless." 

The WhatsApp Business API allows companies to create entirely new customer-centric experiences at their user’s fingertips, and the potential is unparalleled for companies who are bold and agile enough to seize the opportunity. 


The Malaicha.com app from Hello Paisa will now change the way that Zimbabweans in South Africa are able to send goods and groceries to their loved ones.

Malaicha allow workers to provide the essentials for their families back home in just three steps: a quick KYC on boarding, adding the recipient; shopping for goods and groceries, and finally making payment.

Manjra said, "We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer’s lives, and Malaicha.com is just another way of doing that. Shopping in SA and getting your goods in Zimbabwe the very same day is a game-changer for any Zimbabwean". 

The app went live on 18th April 2019.