Johannesburg - IOL spoke with Every Second Counts founder Kim Patience about how tragedy led to her idea.

1. Is Every Second Counts your first startup?

No my first business I started was when I was 6 years old sold exotic fish for 2c business was great but then the legs started growing ( tadpole) my mum made me refund all the money. Valuable lesson in false advertising

2. What gave you the idea?

My parents both passing , time is our most precious commodity , that we so take for granted such is human nature.

3. How is it doing?

Growing slowly but surely

4. Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

We are born this way there is no choice ,

5. What made you choose this career path?

I also sold something at some point in my life after becoming a stay at home mom, I had to time and the opportunity to breathe life into my idea, with the support of my husband.

6. What would you say to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

First question I'd ask is : Do you enjoy sleeping and they say yes , I'll say kiss it goodbye , you won't be able to switch off. Next , how much do you believe in your dream and do you have a swat analysis?

8. Please explain what your start-up does

Each Every Second Counts pillowcase is made from the highest quality, hand-picked satin and handcrafted by a team of local women. For an extra-special finish, they can be individually monogrammed.

9. Would you say you need a degree to get started?

You need life experience , learn as much as you can , nothing in life is wasted. Trust your journey and it won't be easy . I studied almost every year after school part time for about 4 years. Holistic honours diploma, which lead me to work on the cruise liners , I perfect selling and communication with people from all walks of life. Started to study HR passed the first year didn't go back due to my mom’s passing and I got retrenched.

Then I was a sales rep for best part of my career. I love people, in essence every opportunity that came my way I grabbed it and ran with it for has long as I could, till then next one came around.