Kwesé Free TV is a new South African broadcasting entity that has ben established to deliver free-to-air terrestrial television service in South Africa. Photo: (Westinghouse Electronics via AP)

DURBAN - Kwesé Free TV (SA) is a new South African broadcasting entity that has been established to deliver free-to-air (FTA) terrestrial television service in South Africa. 

Kwesé Free TV is the newest player to enter the South African FTA industry which promises to deliver premium television viewing.

Once the government has successfully rolled out digital terrestrial television (DTT) infrastructure, South African viewers with a digital TV set will be able to pick up Kwesé Free TV’s signal on their television. Viewers who still own analogue TV sets will require a DTT set-top-box which will enable them to view the service. This FTA broadcasting service, similar to eTV and the SABC and therefore there will be no access or subscription fees attached to the service. 

Kwesé Free TV features:

1. A dedicated 24-hour premium sports channel which will offer live sports broadcasts as well as a wide variety of popular tournaments, leagues, events and so much more. 

2. Four thematic channels which cut across all major content genres including current affairs, news, general entertainment and family-oriented programming. 

3. Channels will carry local content, in line with the local content requirements outlined within the licence.

Kwesé TV has not launched yet due to the broadcaster not having a broadcasting licence. The broadcaster said, "Once ICASA issues our broadcasting licence, we will have 24 months to get the channels up and running. With the skills, expertise and technical ability we have brought together, we are confident that we will go live well within the 24-month window". 

The FTA sports offering that we will provide is one of the key factors which we believe will significantly distinguish Kwesé Free TV from its competitors in South Africa. The introduction of Kwesé Free TV in South Africa is a game changer for the FTA television industry in the market. 

According to the broadcaster, their entry into market will positively contribute towards growing the production industry, provide an extra platform to showcase local content, and create a new avenue for local production houses to tell South African stories. South African viewers will soon enjoy more choice and access to a wider variety of programme. 

The broadcaster is owned by three entities including Royal Bafokeng Metix (45 percent), Mosong Capital (35 percent) and Econet Media Limited (20 percent).