Prominent real estate disruptor, Leadhome, has launched a rental service at zero percent commission. 
Photo: Supplied
Prominent real estate disruptor, Leadhome, has launched a rental service at zero percent commission. Photo: Supplied

Leadhome launches rentals property service

By Dhivana Rajgopaul Time of article published Oct 28, 2019

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DURBAN - Leadhome, has launched a rental service at zero percent commission. 

According to the Chief Executive and co-founder, Marcél du Toit, the launch of this new service is part of a broader strategy to provide a full end-to-end range of boutique property services. 

"Leadhome recognises that rental property management requires specialist skills. It is generally not an easy sector, marred by significant challenges, including a struggling economy. We have conducted extensive research into rentals and have gained valuable insight into the pain points faced by clients, as well as the pitfalls. This knowledge and know-how have enabled us to offer a compelling product to the market," said Du Toit. 

Offering a zero percent commission, Du Toit says that Leadhome’s aim is to continue building solid customer relationships, adding value and building an ecosystem and community as opposed to simply just selling and renting homes.

Leadhome is charging 0 percent commission to procure, vet and introduce a tenant, facilitate owner led viewings that includes , running checks to make sure the identity of the client viewing your property is legit, facilitate the appointments on your behalf, the lease, deposit payment and in going inspections.

According to Rupert Finnemore, head of business development, Leadhome, there is an understandably high level of fear associated with renting out your property,

"Our research has given us a very realistic view of what consumers grapple with when considering whether to rent a property. If we are to play a leading role in the local property market, a compelling rental offering will definitely count. Our no-strings-attached, zero percent commission will include a full listing, advertising on all major portals, viewing facilitation, lease negotiation, drawing up contracts, and facilitating ongoing inspections. We are in a beta test phase of our launch programme and will be looking to add additional products and services into this rental environment," said Finnemore.

Many landlords struggle with the time to manage a leased property. Often finding the maintenance and management thereof a bind. Leadhome will thus offer this service at well below the prevailing market commission rates.

To ensure their offering remains in line with market conditions and sentiments, Leadhome is extending its research beyond its initial 20,000 customers and is inviting consumers to participate in the Gauteng-focused beta testing phase of its rental service. 


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