Sars boss Tom Moyane. File Image

CAPE TOWN - South Africa revenue service boss Tom  Moyane says that regulator will be instituting legal proceedings against KPMG for reputational damage.  

The Commissioner while speaking at a press briefing in Pretoria on Monday said that the Sars was taken aback by KPMG's actions. 

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The company has acted unethically according to Moyane.

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Moyane went on to say that KPMG’s actions were a “dismal attempt” to show Sars as a corrupt and incompetent organisation.  

He also went to add that KPMG has called Sars leadership in to question and that the company was on a witch hunt. 

Sars is taking legal action against KPMG, for reputational damage. 

Sars will also report KPMG to the relevant bodies and the finance minister. 

Sars is calling for the minister to stop all work created by or done by KPMG. 

KPMG will also have to report to Parliament, to discuss the “immoral conduct” of the company and to see what action will be taken, according to a report by Fin24.