LG South Africa has launched a WhatsApp service that will allow customers to log faults with their appliances. Photo: File
DURBAN – LG Electronics has launched a WhatsApp service for its customers. 

The company's objective in providing this service is to make the lives of customers' lives much easier and with this services customers can directly communicate with customer services when issues are reported. 

CY Kim, the Managing Director of LG South Africa said "One of our main objectives at LG is to make life easier for our customers. Instead of them phoning a call centre and waiting to be attended to, we thought we’d take the frustration out of this process."

He added that with the WhatsApp service, customers can easily text an LG agent and while they are waiting for a reply they can do other activities.

The service was launched in August and it is already available to customers. 

According to LG South Africa, they would like to keep up with the consumer's needs as technology evolves and they are continuously striving to be cutting edge with our advancements for consumer-orientated customer service. 

The company added that they have noticed that WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that is used by a number of consumers, combined with the platform's rich media functionality, they are able to give more advanced and improved customer care. 

All the issues that are logged can be done after normal work hours (17:00 - 8:00) and it will be attended to by the following working day. 

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