National Union of Metalworkers South Africa general secretary Irvin Jim says that the R6 billion profit, which is an improvement of R452 million from the previous financial year, is in no small measure attributable to the performance of its members, Comair employees, and therefore they were entitled to share in the profits. Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency. ( ANA ).
JOHANNESBURG - The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) and the management team of Comair Limited on Thursday held a successful meeting where the two entities managed to a vert a looming strike over a wage increase dispute.

Comair said it was delighted to confirm that the potential strike, planned by NUMSA-affiliated ground staff, has been averted, in a statement. 

 “We are delighted that our customers’ travel plans will not be inconvenienced over the festive season.  While Comair respects the right of employees to strike, we are pleased that we have made sufficient progress on outstanding matters. We look forward to the next meeting with the CCMA scheduled for the Friday, 11 January 2019, where salary increases will be discussed.  We wish to thank our staff for their ongoing commitment and support. The wellbeing of our employees remains our foremost priority - we will continue to invest in that," Comair said in a statement. 

Comair and NUMSA have worked hard with the CCMA’s guidance to find agreement on the way forward, the Comair statement read. 

“We wish all our British Airways and kulula customers a safe and relaxing holiday season. Thank you to the CCMA and our partners for their support and understanding during this time." 

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The union was demanding a salary hike of 12 percent, a guaranteed 13th cheque, travelling allowance, 15 percent of basic salary as a shift allowance, as well as a daily overtime allowance. Numsa also wants to increase the number of shop stewards at the airline.