LOOK: JUNXION launches monthly networking event

By Songezo Ndlendle Time of article published Jul 4, 2019

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Cape Town - The African News Agency (ANA) together with supporting partner Independent Online (IOL) have joined forces to get social media influencers, tech companies and innovative brands to meet up in the real world during the launch of the Junxion networking event in Cape Town.

The event held under the theme “The Better Social Network" saw Influencers meeting up with key media figures, including from brands such as ANA, Fast Company, IOL, GQ, African Indy, Independent Media Newspapers, radio and TV partners, as well as local celebs who gathered at popular venue Souk in Long Street in Cape Town on Tuesday evening. 

The unique networking event will be invaluable to emerging and established Influencers, digital companies, creative agencies, and related technology businesses.

Lamont Hoffmeester, co-founder of the Junxion social media networking platform, said: “Junxion is a community building platform for communities of interest. If you are interested in lifestyle, sport, news, shopping, Junxion is the platform that houses all of that type of content. It’s a great platform to interact with communities that you want to follow, whether it’s GQ or Glamour,” he explained.

“But the cool thing about Junxion is that you can actually build your community on there, whether you are a public figure, artist, or business, you can go onto Junxion and build your own community that really allows you to engage with your followers and audience, interact with them.” 

ANA marketing manager Vernon Adams said: "We all think that we are digitally connected, but we are not as connected as we think. Junxion, ANA and IOL have joined forces to get social media influencers, tech companies, and innovative brands to connect in the real world.

The event’s featured brand was GQ South Africa. GQ Editor Yati Khumalo said that what truly ties people together was creating platforms to share African stories with the rest of the world, which will keep pushing the continent forward by telling Africa owned stories.

“It’s understandable that sometimes an image alone can drive a story, you don’t need to say much. What also truly ties us together is creating platforms to share African stories with the rest of the world. I think the other thing about bringing us together tonight is that we can find ways to keep pushing this continent forward and to keep writing our own stories. I am incredibly proud to be part of the platform, Junxion, that is launching tonight,” added Khumalo.

ANA chief executive Grant Fredericks said "collaboration, in a business sense, can only be defined as a well coordinated, cost effective plan with substantial returns". 

“The event is a fine example of this. Strategically handpicked, all business partners and contributors added their spice to this event, with the final outcome, successful networks which may lead to lifetime, sustainable and profitable outcomes. Congratulations to Junxion and its supporting partners, GQ, IOL and Souk, our venue partner, on a successful event,” said Fredericks.

African News Agency (ANA)

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