Tech devices have become some of the most popular items to purchase, especially in the build-up to Christmas. Photo: Pixabay
JOHANNESBURG - As anxious bargain hunters move their cash around, from their savings accounts to their debit and credit cards, preparing for the big spend tomorrow, South African stores have been ramping up their marketing for the biggest retail event of the year, Black Friday.  

On Black Friday 2018, the country saw retail sales increase by 1,952% compared to an ordinary shopping day, according to recent analysis by PwC. The global average was a rise of 663%. 

Compared to an ordinary Friday, Black Friday sales increased by 2,571% last year – ranking South Africa in the top five globally. 

In 2019, South African consumers plan on spending 36% more than the previous year, with an average spend of around R3 812. 

Take a look at the Black Friday deals on offer in South Africa: 

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