The 43 carat yellow diamond, the largest coloured diamond recovered to date from Lulo (Pic supplied: Tavistock)

JOHANNESBURG - Australia's Lucapa Diamond and its partners Empresa Nacional de Diamantes (Endiama) and Rosas & Petalas said on Wednesday they have recovered more large diamonds from the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola.

Lucapa said the latest finds include a 116 carat low-quality diamond and a 43 carat yellow gem, the largest coloured gem-quality diamond recovered to date from Lulo.

 surpassing the 39 carat pink recovered in September 2016, while the 116 carat stone was recovered through the XRT large-diamond recovery circuit installed at Lulo in late 2016. 

Though a low-quality stone, Lucapa's 116 carat diamond continues to underline the special large-stone nature and potential of the Lulo diamond project. 

Lucapa congratulated Gem Diamonds on the recovery of a 910 carat diamond at Letšeng mine, reported to be the fifth largest gem-quality diamond ever recovered.

- African News Agency