Mango Airlines. Photo: Matthew Jordaan.

Johannesburg - Low cost airline Mango will intensify its efforts to combat bank card fraud, spokesman Hein Kaiser said on Wednesday.

“The airline plans to step up its security checks from today (Wednesday) and will require every traveller to present the card used for payment either at check-in or at the boarding gate,” he said in a statement.

Should the traveller be unable to present cards or verifiable copies of bank cards they would not be able to fly.

“While it is an inconvenience, the reality is that bank card checks protect consumers against illicit use and spend on fraudulent transactions.”

He said that during the past two months an eight percent increase in attempted card fraud was noted by the airline.

“Cardholders must provide copies of cards and contact details for verification when purchasing a ticket for someone else, either at check-in or at the boarding gates. Unfortunately inability to produce bank card details will result in individuals being unable to travel.”

He said nothing beat physical checks to combat fraud.

Card checks applied for both credit cards and cheque debit cards used to complete a transaction.

“Our intention is to protect cardholders and minimise dishonesty and we would like to partner with our guests to successfully do so.” - Sapa