Miele - Germany

GUTERSLOH - The world's leading manufacturer of appliances, Miele Company strengthens worldwide growth at a high rate. 

According to Miele, their sales growth extended by 5.9% and the company employed more than 1000 additional employees. 

The high-yielding company of premium domestic appliances achieved sales of R62.4bn in the 2016/17 financial year which closed on June 30, 2017. 

This totals to a year-on-year increase of R3461.8m or rather 5.9%. 

The average contributors to this growth stem from built-in appliances and vacuum cleaners. 

This period under review includes turning points such as a majority interest in the Italian medical technology specialist Steelco, the launch of the Miele Venture Capital GmbH and the creation of the new Smart Home business unit.

Currently, Milele employs approximately 19,500 individuals.

According to the Executive Board of the Miele Group, they consider the current growth to be 'quite satisfactory' at total investments of R3573m.

Miele's sales growth has been well above the average for the third succession of the past 10 years. 

This, despite the unfavourable conditions which prevail in influential markets such as Russia, Turkey and, taking into account exchange rates, Great Britain. 

Noteworthy, similar product groups and markets have also come under continued pressure. 

The traditional Gütersloh-based company's high quality flagship models have countered the price-aggressive marketing activities of other manufacturers as it continues to employ quality and innovation leadership within its industry.  

Strong growth in the USA, Australia, Canada – and Germany

In Germany, Miele achieved sales of R18.7bn, representing an increase of 6.8%. 

Outside Germany, the USA, Australia, Canada, Austria and a number of Asian markets are worthy of special mention. 

Miele also contributed significantly to local currency in Great Britain. 

At 70.0%, the share of sales outside Germany has remained practically constant (70.1% in previous year).

More than 2.5 million vaccum cleaners were sold by Miele for the first time in a fiscal year which positions the appliance-conglomerate once again as the European market leader. 

Steelco now belongs to the Miele group

The aggregate turnover resulting from the new alliance between Steelco and Miele amounts to approximately R3970m. 

More personnel in Germany and internationally.

Miele employed 19 465 additional staff worldwide, dating to June 30, 2017.  

This amounts to 1,095 employees more than in the the year 2016.

Staff numbers are recorded to have increased at all production sites, at Central Headquarters and at Miele Germany.

Noteworthy, Miele also invests in the advancement and training of their employees which is prominently featured in Miele's 2017 Sustainability Report.  

The report further records Miele's energy and water consumption of its appliances which have more than halved  since 2000. 

The Miele Group invested  R3573m throughout the past business year. 

This accounts for R651m, 23% more than in the previous year. 

Significant funds also went into the modernisation and extension of administration, sales and logistics in Gütersloh. 

Particular public attention was attracted by the construction of Miele's first day-care centre for children in Germany, which is due to commence operation on March 1, 2018. 

New showrooms were opened by Miele in Bolzano, Hong Kong, Madrid, Paris, Split and Stockholm.