The Old Mutual Limited board has decided to separate with the Group Chief Executive, Peter Moyo according to a statement by OML Chairman Trevor Manuel. Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA/African News Agency

DURBAN - Pan-African investment, savings, insurance and banking group Old Mutual Limited (OML) has cited a conflict of business interests for the reason to suspend CEO Peter Moyo. 

This is according to a statement by Old Mutual Limited Chairman Trevor Manuel. 

The statement read: 

"Pending conclusion of this and to manage it effectively, the board considered it appropriate to suspend Moyo, so releasing him from his duties and enabling the appointment of an interim chief executive officer.

The separation was a result of a material breakdown of trust and confidence, which occurred due to the management of conflicts of interest in business relations with related parties. These business relations pre-exist the appointment of Moyo as Chief Executive of OML and were considered at the time of the appointment to be manageable.

The competing interests were regulated in the chief executive’s contract of employment and were disclosed in the OML pre-listing statement and the annual financial statements. Unfortunately the Board and  Moyo have disagreed materially on how the conflict of interest has been managed, resulting in a breakdown in the required mutual trust and confidence.

The decision to separate with the chief executive officer is neither the result of performance or financial misconduct related to the Old Mutual business, and is purely related to the conflict of interest issue.

The board has appointed Old Mutual’s Chief Operating Officer, Iain Williamson, as acting Chief Executive Officer. Iain is a seasoned executive at Old Mutual and we are confident that he will provide the appropriate stewardship during this period".

On Friday morning, OML said that a material breakdown in trust and confidence between Moyo and the board was the reason for his suspension. 

Before joining Old Mutual Limited Moyo worked as the Group Chief Executive of the Alexander Forbes Group according to his LinkedIn page. 

Moyo is currently a Director at the Amabubesi Group. 

Old Mutual chief operating officer Iain Williamson will be assuming the role of acting Chief Executive of the company. 

Williamson has been working as the COO of Old Mutual since 2017. According to his LinkedIn page, Williamson has been working for the company since 1999 where he started as a senior manager.