National Assembly at Parliament in Cape Town. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

CAPE TOWN - The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) said it was disappointed by Eskom’s failure to respond to questions on deviations and expansions.

The committee on Wednesday held a hearing with Eskom on deviations and expansions on the fourth quarter of 2017/18.

Scopa said in a statement that it was not pleased with how Eskom failed to respond to questions based on the presentations that Eskom itself has provided to the committee.

"It is really a shame that taxpayers’ money was wasted by Eskom by bringing a big delegation to Parliament that failed to respond to questions based on a presentation prepared for them."

"This is a direct reflection of the management of Eskom as a company that Eskom officials do not take Parliament very seriously. It is really embarrassing that Eskom could not even respond to its own presentation. What has happened today inspires no confidence in Eskom," the statement said.

As a result, the committee was forced to suspend today’s hearing and reschedule for Eskom to reappear before Scopa next week Tuesday in order to respond to questions on deviations and expansions. 

Scopa has also requested information in so far as Tegeta is involved in expansions and deviations, including all the officials of Eskom who are involved in those contracts. 

National Treasury briefed Scopa a few months ago on deviations and expansions and has ranked Eskom number one on deviations among all entities and departments. 

Scopa said it, therefore, becomes important for the body to fully understand the issues around these deviations and expansions.