Effective from 01 May 2019, MTN will be updating its subscription prices for contract (post-paid) customers. Photo: Reuters

DURBAN – Effective from 01 May 2019, MTN will be updating its subscription prices for contract (post-paid) customers. 

This date may vary depending on the customers’ billing cycle.

In the past few years, MTN has worked to avoid increases to its subscription pricing, however, sustained inflationary pressures and increased input costs have meant price adjustments have become unavoidable.

There will be an increase of approximately 4 percent and in some instances, it will be slightly more, to align to market-related pricing. Even though some packages increased by more than 4 percent, others attracted no increase at all.

In addition, selected My MTNChoice Flexi price plans inclusive contract value will change to align with the new subscription price from the 1st of June 2019.

"At MTN, we have invested heavily in our network to offer our customers the speeds and seamless coverage across the country. Our products are focused on adding value to our customers and we will keep finding ways to make connectivity as efficient and cost-effective as possible," said Jacqui O’Sullivan, Executive: Corporate Affairs, MTN South Africa.  

She added, "We thank our customers for their loyalty. We will continue working to deliver the best possible experience and service, through every interaction they have with us". 

For your reference, the table below shows the affected price plans with New vs Current subscription prices: