Mxit planned to double its user base next year and would use a R100 million investment and savings from retrenchments for key growth areas, South Africa’s largest social network said yesterday.

Mxit said it would implement a focused technology and business plan and management said in a statement that growth areas the company would prioritise were self-service community creation tools, developer support, technology innovation, advertising partnerships and collaboration with key companies and brands.

Francois Swart, the Mxit acting chief executive, said: “To [double active subscribers next year] we need to take a very focused approach to what Mxit does and does not do. Regrettably that means stopping or cutting back activities in some areas,” he said.

Mxit had approached individuals, whose positions were highlighted as being at risk, with a voluntary redundancy package.

The company said it had accepted voluntary retrenchments from 41 employees. – Asha Speckman