Johannesburg -

The Print Media South Africa (PMSA) on Monday announced its new name after taking the digital age into account.

“Print Media South Africa, the industry body representing more than 700 newspaper and magazine titles, has taken into account a shift in journalism to include the digital age and changed its name to Print & Digital Media South Africa (PDMSA),” CEO Ingrid Louw said.

She said it was time for PMSA to see digital as an extension of what journalists did rather than a threat.

“We have taken a conscious decision not to defend our print past and present but to rally around written journalism - news and opinion - on whatever platform it is carried. We realise that print and digital co-exist and that journalism values remain the same on both platforms,” Louw said.

She added that consumption of the written word across both platforms combined was on the rise.

“The PDMSA re-brand signifies an acceptance of a new reality. In this regard we continue to represent the written word and promote the opportunities it presents.

“Our purpose remains to represent, promote, express, interact and intervene in all matters concerning the collective industry and matters of common interest to its members.” - Sapa