File Image: IOL

JOHANNESBURG - National Taxi Alliance (NTA) said on Wednesday that the planned protest for Thursday had been postponed to give the engagement a chance.

This comes after the NTA said it would march to the Minister of Transport and Presidency to present a memorandum of grievances in relation to issues and challenges affecting the taxi industry, including but not limited to some provisions of the National Land Transport Act, the NLTA, Matters related to operations, Integrated Public Transport Network, IPTN’s/ BRT system, Compensation for an operator surrendering an Operating License, Taxi Recapitalisation Programme, and Public Transport subsidy and the entire country at large.

“The Minister would like to assure the taxi industry and the public that the Department is fully committed to the provision of a safe, secure, reliable and quality public transport system,” said Minister of Transport, Joe Maswanganyi.

Maswanganyi said that the Department would make all efforts to attend to current challenges facing the entire public transport sector and in particular the taxi industry.