According to Giant Leap, offices will be vastly different in 2022. Picture: File
According to Giant Leap, offices will be vastly different in 2022. Picture: File

Offices and businesses will function differently in 2022 due to the pandemic, says Giant Leap

By Xolile Mtembu Time of article published Dec 29, 2021

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Giant Leap, a South African workplace design consultancy, says offices will have a new purpose in 2022.

Linda Trim, Director at Giant Leap, said the Covid-19 pandemic as a force that brought a change to the way workspaces function.

“Rather than being a place where employees automatically report every day, offices will become corporate centres specifically meant to spur innovation and connection while developing team spirit,” Trim said.

According to Trim, offices will no longer be a single location, but an ecosystem of offices, homes and third places such as cafés and co-working spaces that will support flexibility, functionality and employee well-being.

However, Trim cautions that although remote work may be here to stay, it could be damaging for employees and employers in the long run.

“Team-building, networking and the cross-pollination of ideas that come with in-person interaction will also be impacted after the pandemic. It could also deal a blow to progress made in diversity and inclusion efforts.”

With decentralisation of offices becoming more commonplace, 2022 will see new strategies behind corporate site selection.

Giant Leap said the experience of headquarters will be very different and that some business leaders are choosing to open a string of offices instead.

The company also highlighted the hybrid workforce, where employees split their time between their home and the office, rather than solely working at one or the other.

Trim said South African employees seem to prefer a hybrid approach and business leaders are taking notice.

“If we avoid further lockdowns, it may be that South African workers come to the office two to three times a week. The shift could make companies rethink their real estate footprint as there will be less demand for office space,” she said.


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