Picture: Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble South Africa, Michael Simpson hands over a cheque for R1 million to Hervé Ludovic de Lys, UNICEF representative. (Supplied).

CAPE TOWN - Brand of baby nappies, Pampers has partnered with South Africa’s largest Supermarket Chain, Pick n Pay to help raise R1 million to support The United Nations Children's Funds  (UNICEF’s) First 1000 Days initiative.

         Picture: UNICEF's First 1000 Days initiative. (Screengrab). 

This partnership dates back to 2017 and sees the baby brand and retailer joining forces to help raise funds for UNICEF’s First 1000 Days initiative. This initiative draws on the importance of the first 1000 days of life which is between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday. 

This period is seen as the period of opportunity for optimum health and development are established. According to UNICEF, the proper care and nutrition during the first 1000 days influences whether they survive. 

As a World initiative, UNICEF hopes to promote good nutrition, health and sanitation. In a bid to assist UNICEF, Pampers in partnership with Pick n Pay helped to raise R1 million for this initiative. 

For every Pampers product purchased at any Pick n Pay nationwide, Pampers donated R10 to UNICEF. 

“With the help of loving South African parents, the partnership managed to raise R 1 000 000 to help turn the tide against the high infant mortality rate in the country, which currently stands at 31 infants deaths for every 1000 live births”, said Pampers. 

“For the last 50 years, we have been dedicated to every baby’s happy and healthy development. Nutrition plays an important role in this, which makes initiatives like this exceedingly important. Our partnership with PnP has been a great success and enabled us to reach new heights in our campaign to help South African children grow into healthy adults,” said Zizwe Vundla, Brand Director for Pampers South Africa.

“South African children continue to die from preventable causes, including pneumonia, HIV, TB, and diarrhoea. All these are influenced by poor health-seeking behaviour, healthcare, infectious diseases, nutrition and hygiene of the pregnant mother and child during the first 1000 days,” said Hervé Ludovic de Lys, UNICEF representative for South Africa.

Pampers handed over their donation to UNICEF. In attendance were Hervé Ludovic de Lys, UNICEF representative and Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble South Africa, Michael Simpson.

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