Cape Town. 05-12-2014. Eskom has confirmed it has implemented stage 3 load shedding. parts of the country were plunged into darkness yesterday (Friday) more power cuts are expected Picture Leon Muller

Johannesburg - There are no scheduled power outages planned for Tuesday evening, Eskom said.

“At this stage we are very stable and we are not expecting any load shedding this evening,” said spokesman Andrew Etzinger.

The power grid however remained under pressure.

Earlier, the power utility's media desk said if something unexpected happened, load shedding might be implemented.

On Monday, Eskom said the power system was expected to be extremely constrained this week as businesses and schools reopened.

The demand for electricity was expected to increase, with a moderate risk of power cuts.

“The system remains vulnerable, meaning that any extra load or faults in the system may necessitate the need to implement load shedding,” Eskom said in a statement on Monday.