Protea Hotels has been named SA's Coolest Hotel Brand Photo: Facebook
CAPE TOWN - Marriot International recently announced that Protea Hotels, one of Marriot's hotel brands, has been named South Africa's Coolest Hotel Brand in the Sunday Times Generation Next Survey for 2018.

Protea Hotels received this title for the 8th time in a row this year. Marriot International's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the Middle East and Africa Neal Jones stressed the importance of being cool.

He said, "When your market is constantly adapting and your guests evolving in their preferences, it is essential to tailor your brand accordingly."

According to Jones, they operate in a very competitive marketplace and they revel in the challenge of staying ahead. Our forever-young market, including the next generation holds an important portion of progressive individualists and travellers that are forward-thinking, added Jones.

According to the hotel company, their focus across the brand has been on delivering slick and seamless quest experiences that are both personalised and mindful of the persons desires.

Danny Bryer the Area Director for Sales and Marketing for Protea Hotels by Marriot said "t’s not about titles or awards, so much as providing top-class products and services to our customers."

Water savvy Marriot International

Recently the Marriot International joined in an effort to promote sustainable tourism in Cape Town. Jones said that responsible management of natural resources in the operations of our hotels.

There is an increasing need for a more conscious and proactive way to approach environmental performance.

The hotel company said that they aspire to be a global hospitality leader that shows how responsible hotel management can establish economic opportunities.