Alaris Antennas
JOHANNESBURG – Alaris Holdings, the radio frequency technology holding company, saw a decline of 17percent to R85million from R102m in the six months to December.

“A significant portion of the group's performance is associated with long sales cycles on larger opportunities with six to 12-month delivery time frames.

"The timing of these opportunities can impact the results significantly,” Alaris reported yesterday. 

Basic and headline earnings per ordinary share decreased by 71 percent from 18.62cents to 5.41c. 

Normalised earnings nosedived by 64 percent to R7.8m, largely due to the under-performance of its subsidiaries in the period. 

Alaris Antennas, the Centurion-based specialist in broadband antennas, had significant revenue declines, as did COJOT, which manufactures antenna products, serving military and public safety markets globally. 

In the second quarter, Alaris bedded down the US acquisition of mWAVE, a unit specialising in parabolic grids, solid parabolic and directional panel antennas, as well as wide-band feeds. 

The group's cash position at the end of the period was R18.5m, with the purchase of mWAVE facilitated by a cash payment of $2.3m (R33.2m) and 4.9million shares issued. 

The group remained positive about prospects for the period ahead, with a focus on ensuring profitable growth, it said.