South Africa’s marketing community will benefit from the signing of the agreement between local firm SayHi and European company DialFire Photo: LinkedIn

DURBAN - South Africa’s marketing community will benefit from a much wider selection of voice campaign tools following the signing of exclusive distribution agreement between local firm SayHi and European voice marketing specialist DialFire.

Based in Germany, DialFire’s Cloud call centre software solution transforms any web browser into an inbound and outbound contact centre. SayHi, for its part, is South Africa’s leading specialist in outbound Automated Voice Marketing (AVM).

Together, these two voice industry leaders are able to offer local brands cost-effective ways to automate call centre-based campaigns centred on professionally-recorded 10 to 45 second voice marketing messages.

"SayHi and DialFire’s collaboration ticks all the voice marketing boxes. SA brands and their agencies will find our real-time voice campaign solutions enable them to communicate directly with qualified consumers in a way that gets noticed and slashes telecoms marketing costs while offering outstanding ROI," said Stefano Sessa, SayHi managing director.

SayHi’s strengths include relationships with all local telecoms operators, proven business intelligence tools and proprietary platforms with the ability to instantly transmit or validate any personal information sent by current or potential clients.

Sylvia Hartinger of DialFire believes the South African market is particularly exciting. "We’re very pleased to be able to enter a significant market with a respected industry player that will help us tap into the many opportunities that exist in Africa’s most advanced economy," said Hartinger.

Aside from easy outbound calling via web browser, DialFire is renowned for the seamless blending of inbound calls with outbound campaigns. Live-listening and on-demand recording, real-time analytics, secure scalability and fully-customizable agent screens top off an offering sure to find favour with demanding local brands.

"The beauty of AVM is that it reduces the need for human contact centre agents at the lead generation stage. Once leads have been cost-effectively qualified by our automated platform, the human element is introduced. This is where our exclusive agreement with DialFire will prove valuable and enable us to offer the entire spectrum of voice marketing tools to the local marketing community," said Sessa.