Electronics and computers are the best-selling types of products on South Africa's online market. Photo: File

DURBAN – Electronics and computers are the best-selling types of products on South African online marketplace according to a survey done by bidorbuy.co.za. 

Watches, fashion, kitchen appliances and smartphones follow electronics and computers as the top products being favoured by shoppers in all cities and towns in South Africa.  

The survey found that people from Johannesburg and shoppers from rural areas were more likely to buy clothing and shoes than other South Africans. While people living in Bloemfontein buy more fashion accessories like sunglasses, bags and scarves than anyone else.

"Shoppers from Bloemfontein are more interested in gardening products than other shoppers and because they are the shyest customers they are most prone to buy online items they are too embarrassed to buy in shops.

"Port Elizabethans are interested in antiques, art and collectables are also more sporty and outdoorsy judging by the fact that they bought more sports items and camping gear than any other part of South Africa.

"People from the Mother City have a penchant for jewellery.

"Durbanites shoppers like movies, music CDs and LPs more than other shoppers. Security items are most likely to be purchased by shoppers living in rural areas.

"Women are more likely to do their shopping in the morning while men tend to favour evenings and late nights for shopping," according to a media statement. 

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