JOHANNESBURG – The power system remained tight on Monday, with low to medium probability of load shedding during the week, Eskom said.

The power utility said that the power system remained tight and vulnerable and that they would continue to use open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) and emergency reserves to limit the possibility of load shedding. 

"Some power generating units are projected to return to service later in the week. We will keep our customers informed if there are any changes to the system," Eskom said.

Employees of the Optimum Coal Mine protested against their employer on Monday, demanding salary payments. Eskom said it was reported that the workers had not received their salaries for November. 

"The workers had blockaded the road leading to the Hendrina power station, and also the entrance of the Optimum Coal Mine. Hendrina is one of the 10 power stations with less than 20 days of coal stockpiles at its coal stockyard. Any protracted disturbances could have detrimental impact on the power station," Eskom said.

"The Eskom multidisciplinary teams continue to work tirelessly on the 9-point recovery plan to improve generation and operational performance while also stabilising the system."

African News Agency (ANA)