One Thousand & One Voices® has announced its growth capital investment in The Rosehip Company, an export-focused healthy food company. Photo: File

INTERNATIONAL - One Thousand & One Voices® (1K1V) has announced its growth capital investment in The Rosehip Company, an export-focused healthy food company situated in the Kingdom of Lesotho. 

The 1K1V is a private family capital fund backed exclusively by industry-leading families from around the globe and the investment will increase the Rosehip’s production capacity and broaden its international footprint. 

1K1V which as its headquarters in Cape Town has invested in five South African businesses. 

"The Rosehip Company plays a critical role in stimulating the struggling Lesotho economy, by directly employing up to 120 people, indirectly employing approximately 4,500 individuals and financially supporting in excess of 30,000 people annually," said Hendrik Jordaan, President and Chief Executive of One Thousand & One Voices®. 

Jordaan added, "We are proud to invest in a company that supports rural communities across Lesotho, a region that stands to benefit from job creation". 

"We see great business expansion potential and opportunities to enhance our strategy and operations arising from 1K1V’s investment of Three-Dimensional Capital® in our company," said Herman Nieuwoudt, Chief Executive of The Rosehip Company. 

This transaction represents 1K1V’s sixth investment within the healthy foods industry, expanding its portfolio in this arena. 1K1V has also invested in Higher Education Partners South Africa, an integrated provider of online program management services to leading tertiary educational institutions in South Africa as well as [email protected], a leading payments service provider.

1K1V said, "It is a key part of our investment methodology to transform small businesses that operate in countries with limited local growth opportunities by providing access to larger economies where their respective product offerings are in demand". 

The Rosehip Company which was founded in 2006 sources and processes Rosa Canina (Rosehip) to produce both Rosehip tea and Rosehip oil from the Rosehip shell and seed, respectively. Rosehip tea is sold to tea traders across Europe, while Rosehip oil is exported to Asia and Oceania for skincare products, the largest category in the global cosmetics industry.

Rosehip is a rare fruit growing wild only in Lesotho, Romania and Chile—thereby creating a competitive ‘moat’. Herbal tea is a growing global industry and Rosehip forms the base of multiple herbal tea blends. Tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide after water.

The wider skincare industry is undergoing a period of transition away from low-cost, traditionally formulated products towards niche and premium segments using organic ingredients such as Rosehip oil.