SA startup to transform US 911 services

By Dhivana Rajgopaul Time of article published Aug 24, 2018

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DURBAN - RapidDeploy, a South African start-up, has partnered with multinational telecommunications company AT&T to transform the US 911 services. 

RapidDeploy was founded in Cape Town out of the first responder community and now there are more than 35 agencies that have been deployed. 

This tech start-up has processed thousands of emergency calls and saved countless lives by moving emergency services solutions to the cloud. 

With their cloud-based technology platform, they are able to give first responders relevant and accurate information in real in a critical solution. 

RapidDeploy, through their partnership with AT&T will be empowering US first responders with rich data, multi-media and geospatial driven solutions. Their platform runs in a web browser and over Android and iOS mobile devices. 

"We make use of video, images, artificial intelligence and mapping with various layers to support appropriate responses, "said RapidDeploy

"A real-world example of this is using an integrated visual mapping layer to show where all fire hydrants are located. This saves critical time when responding to a fire call" said RapidDeploy.

Whilst Steven Raucher was showcasing RapidDeploy at a conference in the USA, AT&T showed an immediate interest in the potential of our cloud-based product. Within a few months, the partnership between RapidDeploy and AT&T was finalised.

As they continue to work with US 911 services, the company hopes to continue to push through the US law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service market. They also intend on growing their engineering team to enhance the products that they offer.

RapidDeploy is currently deployed to numerous EMS and security firms in 8 South African provinces.

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