L-R: Steven Raucher (Co-Founder and Chief Executive), Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu (South African Ambassador to the United States), Steve Adler (Mayor of Austin, Texas), Brett Meyerowitz (Co-Founder and CTO). Photo: Supplied

DURBAN - In reaction to strong demand from its growing US customer base, RapidDeploy has opened its US headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Designed by first responders, RapidDeploy uses modern cloud-based technology that solves key challenges faces by emergency service providers associated with outdated legacy infrastructure. 

"With customer demand booming and the US market longing for modern technology to replace their outdated infrastructure, it was time to move our headquarters to the US, we’ll be closer to some of our most important customers and partners, and are excited to begin this new chapter," said Steve Raucher, RapidDeploy’s Chief Executive and co-founder.

Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu, the South African Ambassador to the United States said "These are the relationships that we are building in terms of trade and investment to grow our economies, particularly in creating jobs, addressing poverty amongst the people. Most importantly, this has been developed in South Africa; however, it has been recognised by the United States of America as a leading technology and innovation". 

Mahlangu added that this partnership is going to take us many years forward building the road for the young people of both of these countries, creating jobs in the United States of America and in South Africa and playing a very big role in what we are calling the fourth industrial revolution.

Last August, RapidDeploy announced that it had teamed up with Network Carrier AT&T to revolutionise emergency centers with the software company’s tools and have started pilot tests or is in contract discussions with approximately 75 emergency agencies throughout the country, including city governments and police departments.

Reinhard Ekl, Chief Operating Officer of RapidDeploy said "RapidDeploy’s cloud-based alert system is more reliable, faster to deploy and more effective, offering more features than traditional computer-based dispatch software". 

According to Ekl, RapidDeploy’s system, using the cloud, can track and locate callers as well as responders. It’s powered by a geographical information system that relies on real-time data from a lot of sources. 

Austin was selected to be RapidDeploy’s headquarters because of its talented technology workforce and its extensive technology ecosystem.

RapidDeploy aims to have 25 employees from the tech friendly city of Austin by the end of March, and with its total workforce standing at 50, plans are to double numbers by the end of the year, while continuing to grow its team in Cape Town.