(Xinhua/Han Yan)
The SA Football  Intermediaries Association  (Safia), a representative  body of sports agents who  manage soccer players and  coaches, has scored an own  goal in lodging a complaint  with the Competition  Commission against the SA  Football Association (Safa). 

The commission reported  it had referred  Safia and 36 of its members  to the Competition Tribunal  for the fixing of prices and  trading conditions. 

Safia’s  complaint lodged in July 2015  followed Safa in May of the  same year seeking to regulate  the affairs of football agents  by reducing the 10 percent  commission to 3 percent. 

Safia blocked this through  a court interdict and in its  complaint to the commission  alleged the 3 percent cap on  commission introduced by  Safa constituted the fixing of  an agent’s fee in contravention  of the Competition Act. But  the commission decided in  December 2015 not to prosecute  Safa but to launch a probe into  Safia.