Safripol had strengthened its information and communication technology (ICT) capacity and invested in the services of Integr8 to ensure the benefit of consolidated infrastructure across its Lenovo-based system, the plastics maker said yesterday. Integr8 is an ICT management group. Safripol uses Lenovo equipment across its user environment and mobile devices, including laptops and notebooks. Robert Sussman, the chief executive at Integr8, was approached to fulfil a critical infrastructure upgrade for Safripol. “There is a service level agreement in place to supply [Safripol] with its required infrastructure on a monthly rental agreement… We have a plan in place to refresh more infrastructure as our client advances their IT environment,” he said. Fred Venter, the head of IT at Safripol, said Integr8’s knowledge of Lenovo would keep the company’s infrastructure current and up to the demands of high-volume network interaction and communication. – Ayanda Mdluli