Image: SPAR Photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi/ANA

CAPE TOWN - A scam targeted at SPAR customers is doing the rounds via WhatsApp and SMS.

The scam came in the form of a link that was being circulated via the messaging app. The link, when clicked on led to a site that claimed that Spar is giving away vouchers worth R4000 for its anniversary. 

The message reads as follows:

"Spar celebrates its 85th anniversary and gives away vouchers worth R4000 each! I have just received one from here: http://spaɾ.com/anniversary".

Spar has announced on social media that this is indeed a scam and that they are aware of it. 

"We are aware of another scam involving SPAR 85th anniversary and voucher giveaways worth R4000 each which are circulating via SMS and WhatsApp. SPAR is not running this giveaway", the company said on its Facebook page. 

When following the channels of the link to see more about the scam, Business Report saw that many people have commented and claimed that they have received their shopping voucher and that this link was true.

However, SPAR said that they have reached out to these users and have checked their Facebook profiles, only to discover that it was fake.

The company also said that it was evident these users were receiving a commission to lie and say more people should enter the scam.

(Image: An Image of what the scam looks like)

( Image: A user claiming that they had received their voucher). 

" Whoever had received these vouchers are lying and that those vouchers will not be valid, Our Central Office creates the gift cards and we have not made any available for this competition as it is not true", the company told Business Report. 

Additionally, the company gave 4 tips that consumers should take into consideration when spotting a scam.

Here are these 4 tips:

1. Can you find the competition on or our MY SPAR Facebook page?

If not, it could be a scam.

2. Did you enter the competition?

If not, be suspicious.

3. Do you need to supply your banking details?

Stop! Don't do it. SPAR will never ask for banking details via WhatsApp or SMS.

4. If you are unsure, check with the SPAR Customer Care. 

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