Group CEO of Seed Engine, Donna Rachelson. Photo supplied

CAPE TOWN - Seed Academy is a platform aimed at addressing funding scarcity for sustainable businesses and development of young black entrepreneurs.

Having noted access to funding as the major hindrance to growth for many growth-stage businesses, led to the establishment of the WDB Seed Fund - an investment fund that develops sustainable businesses and focusing on the development of black women and youth entrepreneurs, Group CEO of Seed Engine, Donna Rachelson revealed.

"While we are seeing some improvements, women entrepreneurs are still underrepresented in relation to the population – a statistic Seed Engine through Seed Academy and the WDB Seed Fund aims to change by providing necessary funding opportunities for promising small and early-stage business to become sustainable and successful enterprises," said Rachelson.

It said that the academy offers developmental workshops, accredited core skills training, support and funding for the three key stages of a business, namely, ideation, build and grow, grow and scale.

"The programmes have been designed with sustainability in mind – to ensure entrepreneurs are equipped, personally and professionally, to know what it takes to build, grow and scale a business," the statement read.