Small business owners can win more than R70 000 worth of prizes with Shoprite Hustle competition Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - Shoprite is running a competition to help boost small businesses in South Africa. 

The competition is called Shoprite Hustle and it is open to small businesses that have an annual turnover of less R1 million. 

The company said that they recognise the importance of supporting small businesses by providing them with opportunities to grow and become more sustainable, which in turn will create more jobs and boost our economy.

Willie Peters the General Manager of Marketing at the retailer said: "We know a thing or two about the daily hustle of doing business. To ensure we keep Shoprite’s promise of everyday low prices, we constantly have to innovate".

He added that they have endless respect for many entrepreneurs and innovators who work tirelessly to pursue their passions and rise above their circumstances. 

At of total of 36 winners, 12 winners over a three month period, will be selected to win the prize that is worth more R70 000.

Each winner will receive a cash injection and marketing support that is worth more than R70 000. Accoridng to the company the prizes are aimed at giving the small business much-needed support and a financial boost. 

The prizes include:

1. R10 000 in cash
2. Radio airtime worth R50 000
3. A ThundaFund profile that will open the door to more funding for their business
4. A short video overview of their business
5. Digital media spending to promote both their business and Thundafund profile 

In order to enter this competition, small business owners should visit this site Here!

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