Spar Stores on Ntemi Piliso , Johannesburg CBD. Nicholas Rama

CAPE TOWN - Retailer SPAR will be giving away free hot drinks to Western Cape shoppers who will dare show up at any store dressed in pajamas between 08:00 am and 10:00 am on Friday the 25th of May. 

The campaign comes after a post spread widely on social media, stating that a SPAR outlet in Sea Point banned shoppers dressed in pajamas from entering the store. 

The fake post surfaced on social media over the weekend featured a sign reading: “To avoid causing embarrassment to others we ask that our customers are an appropriately dressed when visiting the store." 

"Sleepwear/ payamas (sic) is not permitted." 

SPAR has since launched this campaign on social media with the following statement:

Who says you can’t shop in your PJs? Certainly not us.

And to put paid to any rumours to the contrary, we’re declaring FriYay 25 May as PJ day! Coz it’s not about what you wear. It’s about where you shop. 
This offer is valid for 25 May at Western Cape SPAR stores only". 

Additionally, Business Report found that this isn't the first time this month that fake news was spread about the retailer. 

We found a scam was targeting SPAR customers via WhatsApp and SMS.

The scam came in the form of a link that was being circulated via the messaging apps. The link, when clicked on led to a site that claimed that Spar is giving away vouchers worth R4 000 for its anniversary. 

Spar then announced on social media that this is indeed a scam and that they are aware of it. 

"We are aware of another scam involving SPAR 85th anniversary and voucher giveaways worth R4000 each which are circulating via SMS and WhatsApp. SPAR is not running this giveaway", the company said on its Facebook page. 

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