Standard Bank is in the process of creating its own mobile virtual network (MVNO). File Image: IOL
CAPE TOWN - Standard Bank is in the process of creating its own mobile virtual network (MVNO). 

This is according to a report by MyBroadband.  Standard Bank told the tech site that they plan to launch the MVNO in SA soon and could not share any more information

There has been a number of new MVNOs, having been launched in SA, over the last few years.  First National Bank is the main example of this. The bank launched their mobile offering FNB Connect recently. 

FNB Connect is run on Cell C’s network and allows its users easy access to voice and mobile data services.


According to FNB, the connect system allows bank customers to receive rewards and discounts.

Earlier in the week, FNB extended its Free WIFI connectivity at branches for customers.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, chief executive of FNB Points of Presence, said, “The expansion of WIFI connectivity across our branch network is primarily aimed at giving customers easy access to digital banking platforms. The digital journey is enabled through sustained investment in infrastructure which continues to be intensified through consistent innovation across branches. As we evolve and build the branch of the future, we would like customers to be part of the journey as well.

“The bank is seeing an increase in the number of customers migrating to digital platforms at branches and opting to use the app, online and cell phone banking.”

When customers access banking services digitally there’s a direct impact on the amount of time they spend in the branch. The bank has also seen an increase in the number of customers using its Digi Zones within branches, these are designated areas within a branch where customers can access their online banking profiles."

“The increase in the number of WIFI enabled branches simply means more customers now have an option to bank digitally in a cost-effective manner,” adds van Zyl."