SOUTH Africa Cape Town 05 October 2019 Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town .Photographer Ayanda Ndamane/African news Agency(ANA)

DURBAN - Sun International has issued a warning to all persons regarding certain fraudulent Facebook and WhatsApp posts - purportedly sponsored by Sun international.

According to Sun International, individuals are claiming to offer extraordinary and fictitious returns for money invested in an alleged investment scheme which has similar characteristics to a Ponzi Scheme.

According to the scam, individuals are invited to invest cash in amounts of between R1000 and in excess of  R10 000 for silver, gold, diamond or platinum tiered investment vehicles, in return for which they will allegedly earn almost three times their original investment in less than a month.

Sun International does not offer such a scheme which is patently false and is clearly intended to defraud people of their money. 

Social media is one of the ways that scammers target unsuspecting people by posting their scams social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or using WhatsApp to spread the scam. 

One such scam involved telecommunications company MTN who had to issue a warning to its customers warning them about two fake social media accounts named MTN AWOOF Giveaway and MTN Free Dashout scamming customers. 

MTN said that the scammers will send customers friend requests on Facebook then claim to be MTN agents who offer to assist them with their queries privately.

The Labour Department also issued a warning to the public to beware of a scam on social media promising a payout of R30 000. Labour Department spokesperson Teboho Thejane said the scammers had created a fake department website.

Thejane said members of the public were asked to check if their names appeared on the list of those entitled to withdraw these funds.