File image: Telkom shop at a mall in Johannesburg

CAPE TOWN - Telkom has announced a new offer: Uncapped Business Internet with the launch of Unlimited Business Internet and voice plans.

According to their statement, the company is reducing costs by offering businesses uncapped internet data and unlimited online voice call for both local and long distance with an exceptional off-net call rate. 

This includes unlimited calling from Telkom  to Telkom and mobile numbers, with a 50c call rate to "off-net" destinations and a 79c call rate to 12 predefined international fixed line destinations.

The motive behind this action is to aid the sustainability of small and medium businesses as South Africa is currently facing an economic recession.

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Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai said, “Businesses in South Africa want more affordable, high speed connections, and effective and efficient communication means to assist in accelerating the growth of their business. Our Telkom Unlimited Business offering will provide both our existing and new customers with new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce. We are reducing the cost to communicate and providing businesses with greater internet access."

The company revealed that it has been taking a stand against the high cost of broadband. The telecommunications giant says they understand that the growth of South Africa’s data-driven economy is constrained by high data and communication costs, which affects businesses whose survival depends on communication.