21/09/04 Angela Day pic / fruit Chutney / relish / Pic: Debbie yazbek

Tiger’s new Ball’s was a hot topic on social media on Friday and it was nothing to do with the US golfer and his sexcapades.

An agreement was signed by Unilever SA to sell South Africans’ all-time favourite Mrs Ball’s Chutney to Tiger brands for a staggering R475 million.

While the official press statement said Unilever’s reason for selling the brand was “the result of a strategic review of the brand and a subsequent finding that Unilever cannot give the focus to Mrs Ball’s that this iconic brand deserves”, the twits, wits and Tweets had a lot more to say, including: “This is a great SA product, so it’s safe to say the Ball is in Tiger’s court.”

“In recent years it seemed as though Unilever were too focused on washing powders and deodorant brands and couldn’t keep their eye on the Ball – now it seems like they’ve dropped the Ball. As a result it’s advantage to Tiger”.

South African comedians also came to the party, with Afzal Khan commenting “with regard to these negotiations, we can safely say that Unilever had Tiger Brands by the Balls.”

It seems Mrs Ball’s has finally got her stripes.