File photo: Nadine Hutton.

Johannesburg - Vodacom has marked South Africa’s 20th anniversary of democracy by giving its local customers 1 gigabyte of data for free today.

The “no strings attached” gift was only valid for the day, the cellphone network operator said on Friday.

In South Africa, Vodacom had 30.9 million active customers by the end of the three months to December.

Its latest subscriber numbers will be published when its results for the year to March are released on May 19.

But it is likely the firm may have gained new subscribers, after promoting the offer with a teaser in Sunday newspapers a week ago.

Chief executive Shameel Joosub said “this is in fact just beginning. We’re planning a year of celebrations and have new firsts lined up throughout the year.”

A gigabyte of data normally costs R149 at a once-off rate, according to Vodacom’s website.

In a 15 hour day one could send three emails an hour, update social media four times an hour, download 30 pictures, watch 40 minutes of video, download 12 songs, play online games for two hours and download a movie, according to Tim Parle, an analyst with BMI-Techknowledge.